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    NextGen eContent is a set of learning resources designed specially for YOU to collaborate, share and generate content.



      This section is dedicated for the community of TREE. You are invited to view and contribute to this section. Peek intoConTREEbutions to see samples of content developed and shared by our fellow members!!

      policy.jpgsers of TREE must abide by the rules and policies listed here.

      Rules and Policies:

      • The use of profane and offensive language will not be tolerated.
      • Use of TREE to defame the members of the community will not be tolerated.
      • Content on TREE should be strictly related to teaching and learning only.
      • Any user posting objectionable content will be subjected to reminders and suspension by the Adminisrator.
      • Objectionable content will be subjected to removal by the Administrator.
      • Any content on TREE is subject to change at any time, as is the nature of a wiki.
      • Any content added to this site remains as the property of the contributors.
      • The Administrator reserves the right to remove any content for any reason.
      • Any user found in violation of these policies will have their account suspended indefinitely.
      • TREE is not responsible for consequences resulting from the use of content found on this site.
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