Friday, July 1, 2011

How is this different from 'Digital Classrooms?'

Digital Classrooms are all about the access, the ratio of computers per student.

e-Learning is...

1 to 3 ratio of computers/devices available
Spaces in the classroom
e-learning is about students choosing and using the best 'tool' or plan to facilitate their own learning.
Children develop their own learning pathways and journeys. Children document their own learning which ends up as digital portfolio.
e-learning is 'open classroom' walls.
e-learning is all about the child's individual learning styles.
e-learning is all about reflection and self assessment.
e-learning uses social media to communicate and learn.

e- learning encompasses the Key Competencies. To be a learner in a 21st Century classroom you have to be
Self Managing
Able to use text and images to convey messages
Participators and contributors

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