Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Using ICT in teaching.

I would like to share with the teachers out there, my experience teaching English using ICT. It was fun and the children can explore and get to know more than what they get from text books.
For a start, I was teaching my pupils animals...wild and tame....and the ideas came where my pupils start asking me about this and that. So I just go to google search and start typing animals images. So as you know more than what they can see. Animals they have not seen before from tropical animals to rainforest animal and more. It was amazing and the pupils especially was surprise to see all kinds and different types of animals from all over the world.
As a teacher I want my pupils to learn and gain something from what they learn. It is not just the fact that teaching and making them understand what they learn but the most important thing is they get it. Well.....I just want my pupils to be an independent learner where they can find their own answer to my questions. No more spoon feed.
For these reasons I start teaching using ICT for my Englisg lessons and I have been using it since 2007 where I learn to know that my students was amazing when they were asked to make powerpoints and surf the internets to look for more information on what they learn for the day.
I even use e-books for my weak students and playing memory games. I also allow my pupils to play games on grammar and they love it. Play and study...great isn't it!!!!!

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